A non-profit supervised independent living provider

And Community partner 


Parishes Supportive Living,  a local Veteran-owned business, was founded in 2001 with the intention of providing independent living to Louisiana residents and has achieved that mission and more. 

Starting in Hammond, La., Parishes Supportive Living  has grown to serve 10 plus parishes and is still growing. In addition to providing care for Medicaid/Medicare clients, Parishes Supportive Living provides many community services, including: food bank assistance, scholarships, sponsoring veterans' initiatives and a community radio show.  


A Touch of Care was developed to help Parishes Supportive Living re- focus on its objective of providing quality in-home supportive independent living services to adults who need extra care. 

A Touch of Care a has a staff dedicated to  the care of adults with Alzheimer's/Dementia, in need of acute care and the elderly. 


PHONE:   (985) 662-5347

                      (504) 733-8796

                       24 -Hours Toll-Free 


FAX:        (985) 662-5350